Gastronomie et Fraternité
- from Friendship to Gastronomy

Les Marmitons of Keowee proudly hosted the 2017 LMI Gala on June 1-4, 2017

  1. March 2009
    March 2009
    Our first cooking event with a guest Chef
  2. February 2011
    February 2011
    Instructions from Chef Vickey Moore at our 2011 Valentines dinner cooking event.
  3. May 2014
    May 2014
    Does it pass the Chef taste test?
  4. April 2011
    April 2011
    LMI Board member Ross McFarland comes to visit.
  5. February 2013
    February 2013
    Preparing for our 2013 Valentines dinner event.
  6. February 2010
    February 2010
    Prepping for Valentines event.
  7. May 2010
    May 2010
    Three chefs from Paris, France are admitted to "Le Cercle de La Spatule d'Or"
  8. September 2011
    September 2011
    A lesson in presentation.
  9. September 2009
    September 2009
    Les Marmitons of Keowee - our inaugural celebration as a new chapter!
  10. January 2014
    January 2014
    Passing of the .... "torch?" A new chapter President is installed.
  11. February 2009
    February 2009
    The first event at Bill Wayco's house, laying the foundation for a new chapter.
  12. September 2010
    September 2010
    In addition to cooking, we also have FUN!
  13. March 2009
    March 2009
    Glenn Gilbert was among the charter members who made regular trips to Atlanta and were members of the Atlanta chapter before forming the Keowee chapter.
  14. June 2010
    June 2010
    In memory of Glenn Gilbert, left, and Bill Wayco, right, both of whom were charter members of the Keowee chapter, and who have departed this earth. They are both missed.
  15. September 2009
    September 2009
    Can you say "IGLOO?" Induction of members into the new chapter.
Chef Information

 If you are a prospective guest Chef interested in cooking with our very enthusiastic members, please click HERE for more information.

For a list of the chefs who have cooked with us over the years, click HERE .